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You can see our Kickstarter video RIGHT HERE.  IT’S PRETTY FUNNY.

After watching our video, you can see that we’re – if nothing else – very eager and mostly friendly, if a bit socially repugnant and not at all easy on the eyes.  Which is why we need your help, O attractive and socially mobile denizen of the internets.

This album has been seven years in the making. Sean and Alex have written it in steps and stages via MSN Messenger, in brief sessions before shows, in the whiskey-fogged haze after shows, and in their own heads the rest of the time.  Though thousands may not believe us, it’s a labour of love.  And we need you – yes, you – to be the midwife that births this unholy crossbreed of pop-folk guitar and nerd-centric comedy into the world.

We called this album “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money” as a tongue-in-cheek castigation of all the jerks who made our lives miserable for years – you know, before they took jobs pumping our gas and bagging our groceries.  But “Lunch Money” isn’t for the bullies, or even for us (okay, maybe it’s a bit for us).  It’s largely for a community that has accepted us and made us feel cool when we’re anything but.  It’s for all the people who laughed at our stupid jokes, defended us when we seemed controversial, and made us feel like rock stars even when we were living in our mom’s basements.  So we’re asking for your help, one last time, to make this project a reality and bring the good word of Nerd Folk to the masses.

Thanks in advance, for this – and for all the fish.

Alex & Sean




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Ahoy hoy nerdlings! Just a quick post to let you know that the Big Things we’ve had in the works are finally coming to fruition: after much ado, we are making our first-ever record, titled “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money”.

We’ve had tons of great press about this project, courtesy of our friends at Futurecon (where we’ll be playing this New Years), the lovely ladies at Pretty in Geek (we did the theme song for their web series), the inestimable Naked Nerd Katherine Curtis (who has been kind enough to take time out of her pregnancy schedule to make fun of our stuff on-air) and of course our compatriots at Nerd Mafia (who are the best nerds ever).

This morning we even got a shout out from a childhood hero of ours, Toronto’s own legendary Alan Cross, who really liked our video for “There’s An App For That”.  This was huge news for us.

But here’s the thing.  We’re really, really poor.   Sean works twice as hard as he should for half of what he’s worth, and I don’t even have a primary position right now thanks to a cock-up with my last contract.  So we really don’t have the money to put together an album in the brief window our wonderful producer (genius sound guy Theo Posthumus) has to make this record with us.

Which is why we’re asking you guys to give us a hand.  Head on over to Project Lunch Money to check out all the cool shit we’re going to give you if you help us raise $4500 by the end of this month.  Seriously: we want to make this record.  We want to do it very, very badly.  And with your help we can.  (Good Lord I sound like one of those guys trying to get you to send money to all the fly-covered African children, don’t I?  Well…if it helps, you can think of our songs as starving kids.  Actually, don’t do that.)

Thanks for thinking of us, nerdlings.  And thanks for your support down through the years!

No Foible Shall Escape His Sight: Alex Reviews “Green Lantern: Emerald Knights”

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I’m not really sure how I got guestlisted to go see Green Lantern: Emerald Knights on Wednesday. All I know is that my friends and Nerd Mafia compatriots at the Silver Snail and Nerd Girl Pinups had guest list spots, and pinup / naked nerd Katherine Curtis saw fit to hand me one at a recent function. She also gently implied she’d nail my tongue to a tree for being a bad nerd if I didn’t go, and I’m not one for confrontation, so off I went.

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Calling Down The Thunder: Alex Reviews THOR

•May 2, 2011 • 2 Comments

As a card-carrying nerd (yeah, I really do have cards) I’m a little ashamed to admit I don’t really read comics, or at least not big-name superhero titles like the Avengers, so I’ve never been inspired to make a point of seeing the film adaptations.  But my friend and co-conspirator Will Perkins of Dork Shelf offered me a free ticket to the premier of THOR on Thursday, and as a starving musician I stalwartly refuse to pass up anything I don’t have to pay for, so THOR it was.  What follows is an account of my thoughts on the film.

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Late to the Game: Mass Effect and other stuff

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Good day nerdlings; Big Al here.  I’m bored at work and felt like writing something for you – but that’s ancillary filler because I was never very good at introductory statements.

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More New Year, More Posting

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I know, I know, we say that a lot, but honest we mean it this year.  It’s only we’ve been so busy in the last month, friends!  We don’t mean to forsake you.  Very soon you’ll have more nerd-love than you know what to do with (caution: it tends to be sticky and smell faintly of Cheetos).

Oh, and Happy New Year and stuff.  I don’t really do introductory material.  Anyway.

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something something news post

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Hello nerdlings.  Big Al here with some brief updates (and because I would really like to bust my NWG Blog cherry – how’s that for an opening visual?)

First off, thanks for dropping by!  Sean’s done a pretty good job making this our interim webspace until such time as he’s done making our Super Awesome Website of Doom (coming early 2011) so hopefully you’ll stick around long enough for that to get done.

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