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Hello nerdlings.  Big Al here with some brief updates (and because I would really like to bust my NWG Blog cherry – how’s that for an opening visual?)

First off, thanks for dropping by!  Sean’s done a pretty good job making this our interim webspace until such time as he’s done making our Super Awesome Website of Doom (coming early 2011) so hopefully you’ll stick around long enough for that to get done.

But that’s not all Nerds With Guitars is working on – we are, in fact, multitasking.  In addition to our aforementioned Secret Project we can’t talk about yet (but soon!) we are also working with the exceptional Theo Posthumus, sound engineer extraordinaire, on our first real-live EP (not live in the sense that it’s recorded at a show, of course – you wouldn’t hear us over the screaming women) tentatively titled “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money”.  It will feature at least five original NWG tunes (more if we can finish them fast enough) with the potential for a hidden track which Sean has warned me against talking about so I won’t.  We’re hoping for a February 2011 release date to coincide with the opening of our new website, and you, my faithful nerdlings, will be the first to know when that momentous occasion is booked.

We have several shows upcoming in the next few months, including a show at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto at the end of the month (details by the end of the day), a charity gig at Absolute Comedy on Thursday, January 27th in support of Joints in Motion, as well as several private parties throughout December and January you’ll only know about if you were invited (sorry).

In the interim Sean and I will do our best to provide you with some video content to titillate your nerd-bones until such time as our real stuff is ready to rock and/or roll.  If you’re really interested in where else to find us, check the previous entry for links, but for now this blog is our Home Base, so check back here for details.

Thanks for listening friends.  I will endeavour, at the end of each post, to leave you with some kind of non-band Nerd Fodder to improve your day, and it’s only fitting to start as we mean to go on: with some Jonathan Coulton.  You’re welcome.


~ by Nerds with Guitars on December 7, 2010.

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