More New Year, More Posting

I know, I know, we say that a lot, but honest we mean it this year.  It’s only we’ve been so busy in the last month, friends!  We don’t mean to forsake you.  Very soon you’ll have more nerd-love than you know what to do with (caution: it tends to be sticky and smell faintly of Cheetos).

Oh, and Happy New Year and stuff.  I don’t really do introductory material.  Anyway.

While Guitar Sean diligently toils away on our as-yet-unfinished website, I have been hard at work booking shows with some of the best promoters in the city.  Last month saw us play with the Native Smokes and Formalists at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto, with big thanks to promoter Dan Wolovick for letting us get on stage despite being in the grips of the winter Bubonic plague.  January is looking full as well, with a line up of interesting stuff towards the end of the month.

We will be at 460 (next to the El Mocambo) on January 21st, playing on a bill with self-proclaimed party band Fashion Tips, 13 year-old gangsta rap duo Rick and Chuck and the curiously-titled Quebecois separatist punk outfit Vinnie Vegas and Les Fuckfaces.  I don’t know how to describe to you what kind of night this is going to be, because frankly I have no idea what to expect, but this is probably the weirdest lineup I’ve seen in a long time, and you’ll kick yourself if you’re not there.  Doors at 9, we’re on around 10:30, seven bucks cover that goes direct to the bands.

The following week we’re going to be playing at Absolute Comedy Toronto for a comedy event supporting arthritis research.  Hosted by my good friends Greg Good and Mel Noble, the night will also feature performances by Absolute Comedy founder Jason Laurans and renowned Canadian comedian Denis Grignon.  The event is part of Greg and Mel’s larger initiative, which will also include a golfing charity event later in the year, to raise money for arthritis research and to take part in a marathon in Dublin, Ireland in September towards this cause.  The info for the comedy event is all in the attached link – and yes, you can get your tickets through me (Big Al) by emailing

Finally, on January 28th, Sean and I will be appearing live on Geek Hard, an Oshawa-based internet radio show hosted by Andrew Young and Mr. Green. In their own words,

[W]e cover movies, comics, T.V., DVDs, tech, music, video games, etc. as it relates to Geek Entertainment and Geek Culture!

Andrew and Mr. Green interviewed us after our show at Nerdgasm Comedy a few months ago, and we really hit it off, so they’ve been kind (or foolish) enough to invite us onto their show.  We’ll be playing some songs and chatting about whatever comes up, and since Sean + Al + Microphones = entertaining (even if it’s that “so awkward I can’t look away” kind of entertaining), you should definitely tune in.  Info is on the link.

We’re also booking other press stuff in the coming months, as well as working with our man Theo Posthumus on the long, long, long awaited EP, and yes – we will be endeavouring to update our YouTube and WordPress presences more regularly, so keep your Superman undies on straight.

And, as promised, here’s something nerdy for you.  And disturbing.  I don’t know who this guy is, but he really seems to hate Shigeru Miyamoto.  You’ve been warned.

Until next time, Nerdlings, I remain Big Al.


~ by Alex James on January 14, 2011.

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