Ahoy hoy nerdlings! Just a quick post to let you know that the Big Things we’ve had in the works are finally coming to fruition: after much ado, we are making our first-ever record, titled “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money”.

We’ve had tons of great press about this project, courtesy of our friends at Futurecon (where we’ll be playing this New Years), the lovely ladies at Pretty in Geek (we did the theme song for their web series), the inestimable Naked Nerd Katherine Curtis (who has been kind enough to take time out of her pregnancy schedule to make fun of our stuff on-air) and of course our compatriots at Nerd Mafia (who are the best nerds ever).

This morning we even got a shout out from a childhood hero of ours, Toronto’s own legendary Alan Cross, who really liked our video for “There’s An App For That”.  This was huge news for us.

But here’s the thing.  We’re really, really poor.   Sean works twice as hard as he should for half of what he’s worth, and I don’t even have a primary position right now thanks to a cock-up with my last contract.  So we really don’t have the money to put together an album in the brief window our wonderful producer (genius sound guy Theo Posthumus) has to make this record with us.

Which is why we’re asking you guys to give us a hand.  Head on over to Project Lunch Money to check out all the cool shit we’re going to give you if you help us raise $4500 by the end of this month.  Seriously: we want to make this record.  We want to do it very, very badly.  And with your help we can.  (Good Lord I sound like one of those guys trying to get you to send money to all the fly-covered African children, don’t I?  Well…if it helps, you can think of our songs as starving kids.  Actually, don’t do that.)

Thanks for thinking of us, nerdlings.  And thanks for your support down through the years!


~ by Nerds with Guitars on December 13, 2011.

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