You can see our Kickstarter video RIGHT HERE.  IT’S PRETTY FUNNY.

After watching our video, you can see that we’re – if nothing else – very eager and mostly friendly, if a bit socially repugnant and not at all easy on the eyes.  Which is why we need your help, O attractive and socially mobile denizen of the internets.

This album has been seven years in the making. Sean and Alex have written it in steps and stages via MSN Messenger, in brief sessions before shows, in the whiskey-fogged haze after shows, and in their own heads the rest of the time.  Though thousands may not believe us, it’s a labour of love.  And we need you – yes, you – to be the midwife that births this unholy crossbreed of pop-folk guitar and nerd-centric comedy into the world.

We called this album “This Is What You Get For Stealing Our Lunch Money” as a tongue-in-cheek castigation of all the jerks who made our lives miserable for years – you know, before they took jobs pumping our gas and bagging our groceries.  But “Lunch Money” isn’t for the bullies, or even for us (okay, maybe it’s a bit for us).  It’s largely for a community that has accepted us and made us feel cool when we’re anything but.  It’s for all the people who laughed at our stupid jokes, defended us when we seemed controversial, and made us feel like rock stars even when we were living in our mom’s basements.  So we’re asking for your help, one last time, to make this project a reality and bring the good word of Nerd Folk to the masses.

Thanks in advance, for this – and for all the fish.

Alex & Sean



~ by Nerds with Guitars on January 3, 2012.

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